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Portrait 2 by MementoMaria Portrait 2 :iconmementomaria:MementoMaria 0 1 Portrait 1 by MementoMaria Portrait 1 :iconmementomaria:MementoMaria 0 0 Bloody Sunset by MementoMaria Bloody Sunset :iconmementomaria:MementoMaria 3 1 Strummer by MementoMaria Strummer :iconmementomaria:MementoMaria 0 0 Gothic by MementoMaria Gothic :iconmementomaria:MementoMaria 1 1 Mock Marc by MementoMaria Mock Marc :iconmementomaria:MementoMaria 1 0 Red Beach by MementoMaria Red Beach :iconmementomaria:MementoMaria 0 0
Venus Was No Toothpick
I’m standing in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, staring at a painting of what is described in the side pane as “Venus with an organist and a dog.” The artist’s interpretation of Venus is prostrate on some kind of bed, lovingly reaching for her lap dog while, at the foot of the bed, an organist plays his instrument, gazing longingly over his shoulder at Venus. Venus is roughly the same shade as milk, blushing demurely on the apples of her cheeks. Her serene face is the quintessence of what anyone in this would call “goddess,” but her body is something completely different. Her physique is what one would describe as “pleasantly plump,” a term usually heard at long overdue family reunions from the mouths of geriatric aunts who nibble from a plate of cookies while criticizing everyone else’s figure. They mutter together to one another about who “got fat,” who “got skinny,” who’s doing Weight Watchers (or, as my father aw
:iconmementomaria:MementoMaria 1 0
The Slippery Slope
It found its way into my head
It crept into my body
Lying paralyzed in my bed
Silent except for sobbing
How did it come to this
Hell broke loose somehow
Never this, and now
I can see all the way down.
:iconmementomaria:MementoMaria 1 1
The Rose Part 1 by MementoMaria The Rose Part 1 :iconmementomaria:MementoMaria 0 0
Jeans and Genes
Just cotton fibers woven into cloth. Just cloth sewn into two legs and a waist. One more tool, one more standard to which I can confine myself, one more excuse to deny myself love. What's sewn into the waistband is what's sewn into my mind. Just another barrier of fabric to keep my skin in place, to protect me from the world. Its been so long since you were a part of me.
Just another pair of jeans sitting in the drawer. I didn't outgrow you- I outgrew this life, too.
:iconmementomaria:MementoMaria 1 3
Can You Tell
Can you tell?
The way I put my hand on your shoulder
Are you aware of my fear of getting older?
So you're my best friend
So you're my more-than friend...
:iconmementomaria:MementoMaria 0 1
You and I
I've waited for a sunrise for seven days
The light to let me in
If forgiveness is overrated
I'll decide who wins
Hum a lullaby in my ear
And send me off to sleep
Knowing well my heart you'll steal
Leaving me a body to keep
And like the wind you'll carry me
In your phantom's arms
Walk with me
Talk with me
Until dawn
Emptiness is the worst feeling
The hollowness inside
Walking alone, walking tall in the dark
But never feeling alive
:iconmementomaria:MementoMaria 2 2
All The World's A Stage by MementoMaria All The World's A Stage :iconmementomaria:MementoMaria 0 1
August 5, 1962
What secrets lie behind those big doe eyes?
How did society never realize?
America's sweetheart on the big screen
Was a small town girl named Norma Jeane
Norma Jeane became big and blonde
Showstopper with her white dress on
White-blonde hair and a crimson grin
She's the woman we know forever as Marilyn
Ms. Monroe...
where did you go?
:iconmementomaria:MementoMaria 2 4
In case you need more reasons
I want to hear about a cure for cancer
-Not about Kanye West's mom
I want to hear about Darfur
-Not about Angelina and her latest adoptee
I want to hear about archaeologists exposing ruins
-Not about Britneys newest exposed body part
I want to hear about the soldiers
-Not about the Soulja Boy
I want to hear of love around the world
-Not Tila Tequila's newest lover (or lack therof)
:iconmementomaria:MementoMaria 0 4


Fmp 16 by kyoMiyavi Fmp 16 :iconkyomiyavi:kyoMiyavi 3 2 Explosions in the Sky by Furrrka Explosions in the Sky :iconfurrrka:Furrrka 862 44 Aurora by Furrrka
Mature content
Aurora :iconfurrrka:Furrrka 373 32
Seasong by Furrrka Seasong :iconfurrrka:Furrrka 3,934 282 Passing Afternoon by bohemianpoets Passing Afternoon :iconbohemianpoets:bohemianpoets 512 236
Petals of Frost
Now my heart I give you
On a silver plate
Lined with petals of frost
Careful, the main course is glass, very fragile
More delicate are the petals of frost
Which are sprinkled with my love
Though they will not break, they are very soft
My heart is yours, if you'll have it
I hope you would
I'll never find another to love
I drench my affections in starlight
Cover my emotions with diamonds
I will do all I can to make each day bliss
I now give you my heart
On a silver plate
Lined with petals of frost
It is yours, now and forever
As am I if you'll have it that way
Know that my love is pure
Now and forever it shall remain
:iconbleedingdementia:BleedingDementia 3 6
The Fever by TwiggyTeeluck The Fever :icontwiggyteeluck:TwiggyTeeluck 432 113 Protege Moi by CaitlinWorthington Protege Moi :iconcaitlinworthington:CaitlinWorthington 4,352 832 Eye XXXXII by MarriageMassacre Eye XXXXII :iconmarriagemassacre:MarriageMassacre 1,208 181
August 30th
I remember when you told me that God was in the rain. I am still waiting for that rain, for that relief, to know you still sleep under the same moon and breathe the same air. I've been lost here without you.
September 2nd
People have come and gone from our doorstep but I refuse to open the door to anyone else but you on that day you finally return.
September 6th
This place is cold at night. I cannot sleep without your warmth wrapped around me. The violets I planted when we first moved in have ceased to grow with the lack of rain, the lack of you.
September 11th
I can feel the breath of winter begin to breathe it's first. Autumn wakes early and yet I die in the place biting frost dwells.
September 20th
Not even the scent of violets are present to satisfy my despair. Not even the sound of your violin that sings in my longing memory can soothe this sadness that consumes my soul.
October 1st
You once told me that the space in front of one's face is romance, and I find only empt
:iconlittlelottexo:LittleLottexo 20 41
Self portrait series: 01 by LittleLottexo Self portrait series: 01 :iconlittlelottexo:LittleLottexo 4 15



Favourite genre of music: All.
Favourite style of art: Everything.
Shell of choice: Conch
Favourite cartoon character: Felix the Cat, Dr. Seuss
  • Watching: Courage the Cowardly Dog
  • Eating: Strawberries
Hello, Deviantart. Its been a while, and I'm glad I'm back to writing. The school year is almost over, and boy, am I glad of it. Just another couple of weeks, then exams, and boom, we're done. Prom is tonight, but am I going? Nope. Oh well. There's sixty bucks I've saved.

So I've been writing a little more recently. It feels good to be getting back into it, especially since I let writer's block overtake me for quite some time and didn't do anything about it. But I'm back and I hope you enjoy everything that I've been writing... so far I've only posted a couple of new things, but expect more in the near future!


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